COVID-19 update

Lessons can take place again, without 'social distancing' or masks. We all need contact, we need to breathe and see each other smile. This is life... No toxic hand sanitisers will be provided. There will be no temperature checks, no track-and-trace.

The world is suffering from a massive delusion based on pseudo-science and misinformation; there is no (natural) risk to anyone's health that didn't exist last year. There is no 'pandemic'. We can all relax! ... kind of.

This statement is surely outrageous to most people, in light of having been bombarded with the exact opposite statements for months on end, but that doesn't make it less true.

This can not be explained in just a few words, but it is important to realise that a very small group of unspeakably wealthy 'technocrats', heading organisations such as the World Health Organisation, the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation (but also the pharmaceutical companies, the tech industries, the oil companies, the central banks etc, etc, etc...), have planned this 'panic' to restructure the world economy, so as to gain control over all human systems. People with so-called-power unfortunately always seem to cling to it. It is needless to say that individual liberties, let alone individual lives, are not of much value to them.

And this is possible, because unfortunately, the masses are easily manipulated and brainwashed. As a species, we have not (yet) learned about critical thinking, about thinking for ourselves. In Yoga philosophy - which is fundamentally flawed, but offers many truths nonetheless that are not part of the current mainstream - there is the notion of 'Avidya', not seeing clearly, with 'Vidya' being clarity. 

We are all said to be affected by this lack of clarity.

I will simply leave a selection of internet links below (none of which I am affiliated with), for anyone to start their own research, not only relying on information that comes through the 'official' channels. This is all about (bad) science and the totalitarian agenda. (In some cases, if nothing happens when you click on the link, just copy and paste the link into your browser).

Please, I can not stress this enough, do not take the new vaccines when they will be rolled out, they are just too dangerous and do not exist for our 'protection'. Please research this thoroughly!

Happy reading and questioning!