It is with hesitation that I post this article, as I want everyone to feel welcome in my lessons, whether we share the same understanding or not. I too need to balance ahimsa and satya, consideration for others, the principle of non-violence, and truth, speaking it, sharing your gifts.

Yoga talks about avidya, the lack of clarity. It's time to be brave and face an uncomfortable truth.

This is an important topic, so here I go:

COVID-19, or the coronavirus, doesn't exist. It's not a thing... not a 'pathogen', a 'microbe', a 'disease' or a 'pandemic'.

Understandably, this statement will be seen by most as being outrageous! But that does not change it's veracity.

Those extremely small 'spike proteins' in our cells do exist, but they do not come from outside, not from other people's coughs, not from bats or shopping trolley handles. They are not what they are claimed to be. They are just part of our body, like billions of other particles. It seems to be that the role of these particles is related to elimination.

'Sickness' is the body doing its job. 'Symptoms' appear when there is some kind of chemical poisoning in the body or emotional/energetic poisoning in the mind. In general, the body expels what it doesn't need, through the nose, eyes, mouth, skin etc., to maintain a state of health. Also, biology and all life processes are absurdly complex and it would be foolish for anyone to claim that we perfectly understand all causes of disease.

Sometimes, when a person is just too weak, unable to deal with this purification process, sickness can indeed lead to death.

But virology is pseudo-science. The germ theory is just that: a theory.

So-called 'vaccines' or 'gene therapies' have no purpose when it comes to health. No-one has ever benefitted from a poisonous injection. Sometimes, the effect of the poison is death.

Avidya is present with virologists. And with most people. Also with politicians and healthcare practitioners. But this specific issue is not just a misunderstanding, there is malice at the roots.

Human society as a whole is poisoned. This 'pandemic' is a lie, but it is really only one of many others.

Yoga talks of the need for svadhyaya, study. Ask questions, research far and wide, reflect, discern.

Even if you think this is impossible, ask yourself whether you are able to contemplate the issue. Truth fears no investigation. Don't take my word for it.

The old text speak of three ways of coming to truth: direct experience, testimony of others, and logic. They are all fallible on their own. Use all three.

Clarity is spiritual power.