One-to-one Lessons

Anybody can breathe. Therefore anybody can practise Yoga. 

T.K.V. Desikachar.

Yoga Classes by appointment only, cost: £65.

What to expect

Lessons usually last a little over an hour, with the frequency of lessons to be mutually agreed upon (typically every 2 to 3 weeks for the initial lessons, then 4 to 8 weeks once practice is established, but this can vary greatly).

We are all unique. Regardless of your needs, interests, age, abilities, body type or cultural/religious background, the purpose of these tailor-made lessons is to develop a home practice, designed to recover, maintain or improve your physical and mental health.

Your home practice could be as short as 10 minutes once or twice per day, or it could be much longer... all depending on your reasons for practising, your desire, and what is possible for you.

Every practice will include elements of āsana (posture work) and pranayāma (breath work).

To find out more about this specific approach to Yoga, click here.

People are drawn to Yoga for many different reasons. Perhaps you:

  • feel stiff, have a "bad" back, or poor posture
  • want to lose weight, or just think of your health more
  • don't sleep well, are under stress, or worry a lot
  • want to be calmer, and more positive around others
  • need support when recovering from illness or injury
  • are looking to prevent sports injuries
  • need support with a condition such as high or low blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, Parkinson's...
  • just enjoy the feeling of breathing deeply, stretching, relaxing, chanting or meditating
  • want to deepen your existing Yoga practice or learn more about its philosophy