Jo, 60, Guildford

I would highly recommend having one to one yoga lessons with Nick. I had been practising yoga for nearly twenty years before I discovered Nick as a teacher and was beginning to think that there was little left to learn. How wrong I was. Under Nick's expert guidance he has been able to help me tailor my practice to suit the needs of my body and so take me deeper into my understanding of yoga. He is a great listener and has the ability to act as a highly tuned mirror to reflect back where I am on any given day. 

Becky, 37, Hook

After a life long suffering of asthma, daily inhalers and numerous rounds of steroids I decided to try and find an alternative.

After my initial consultation with Nick I felt confident that yoga might just improve my life. I was very impressed by his deep knowledge of yoga as a science and philosophy and his calm nature put me at ease. The individual programme Nick has guided me through has allowed me to practise yoga when it suits me, to fit into my busy lifestyle. He clearly appreciates and attends to individual needs and circumstances and his skill, passion and compassion has instilled a love of yoga in me. In a nutshell, Nick has taught me how to breathe again and my asthma has improved greatly as a result. It is through yoga that Nick has helped me seal my determination to follow this pathway as an alternative to medication. Everyone should try it.

Jack, 72, Southampton

When I encountered Yoga 10 years ago, I viewed it as a glorified kind of gymnastics for elderly people.

Now my vision has completely changed: practising yoga, with the exercises Nick specifically adapts to me, has physically helped me get more supple and has taught me to breathe properly - which is so important to the body functioning well. But even more importantly perhaps, it has given me an amazing mental boost: I am calmer, more patient, more understanding and trusting. The regularity really pays off. I hope to be able to keep this wonderful and healthy activity up for many years to come.